Our Dispensing Robot

The Robot

When we designed the pharmacy, we wanted to introduce the best of what was currently available, to help everyone working within the pharmacy to concentrate on the areas that really matter.

So how does it improve the patients’ service then ?

On a serious note, the most important aspect of the robot aided dispensing is the level of accuracy that is achieved. Due to barcode technology and vigorous checks in place to make sure every product is identified correctly, we are able to dispense at a much higher level of accuracy. 

We are a busy pharmacy and, through experience we have seen that the busier pharmacies get, the more likely mistakes can occur. The errors involved in picking the wrong pack off the shelf have been massively reduced with this system.

We are not going to pretend the system is 100% perfect, so we still have the staff to carry out the same double checks that occur in every Pharmacy.

The robot then allows the staff to spend more time checking the clinical appropriateness of your prescription and sorting out any problems. Picking up packs and unpacking boxes are now taken care of, so the team also find their work more rewarding.

So, what does the robot do?

Essentially the robotic parts of the pharmacy organise the drugs and store them in a controlled environment, ready to deliver them to the dispensers when they are called for. 

So no more dusty shelves, packs being handled by lots of people, sunlight and temperature variations and packs being placed in the wrong place.

But best of all it cleans itself! (super happy staff as there is 1050 glass shelves inside).

What happens if it breaks down ?

Then we panic, and ring the helpdesk.

Seriously… we have 24/7 support for it and they can even wirelessly connect and move a video camera around inside so they can fix any issues quickly.
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