We help you to keep track of your medication with reminder services

Sign up to receive email or text reminders from us when your prescriptions are ready for collection, so you’ll no longer need to worry about your medication running out. 

When you collect your prescription we’ll also let you know when it’s time for your next medical review

We stay open for longer so you can pop in whenever you like

You no longer have to plan your day around when your pharmacy is open. We open early and stay open late, so you are free to collect your prescriptions at any time. 

You are more than welcome to come in for advice about any of your medication or any other medical queries you may have.


Prescription Costs

Except for some eligible patients, the NHS charges a prescription fee of £8.05 per medicine.

A pre-payment certificate for 3 months is £29.10 and 1 year is £104.00.

If you need to take medicines regularly you might be able to reduce the cost of doing so by buying a Prescription Pre-payment Certificate.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, cheque, switch and delta card payments for prescriptions.  

Cheque payments must be supported by a cheque guarantee card.

Refund of Prescription Charges

If your pre-payment/exemption certificate has run out you will be required to pay a prescription charge. 

If you ask for a receipt you will be able to obtain a refund on receipt of your pre-payment certificate.

Electronic Prescriptions

We save you time by ordering & collecting prescriptions from your GP each month*.

The days of prescription slips are now behind us, as our new electronic system will both order & collect prescriptions from your GP and have your medicines ready for you to collect each month. 

All you need to do is collect them from the Pharmacy. When you require your medicines, you can also ring or email us and we will send your repeat prescription request to the surgery on your behalf and arrange for it to be collected. 

This free service allows your doctor to send your repeat prescription request to us electronically, rather than you having to come in to the pharmacy with a slip. Once you have filled out our sign up form we will register you and make sure your prescription is ready for you to collect.

*There are select items that cannot be sent electronically. Please speak to a staff member to see if your prescription requests are eligible.

Medicines Delivery Service

We will collect prescriptions from other surgeries, we can provide an electronic prescription service and receive prescriptions electronically from most surgeries in the UK.

Pre-payment certificate

If you need more than 12 prescribed medicines each year, you could save money with a 12-month PPC.

You can also buy a three-month PPC, which will save you money if you need more than three prescribed medicines in three months.

The charge for a single prescribed medicine is £8.05, whereas a three-month PPC will cost you £29.10 and a 12-month PPC £104.00.

How much can I save?

Nr. of Prescribed medicines Saving with a 12-month PPC Saving with a three-month PPC
2 Over £85 a year Over £15 in three months
3 Over £185 a year Over £40 in three months
4 Over £280 a year Over £65 in three months
You can either ring up for a pre-payment certificate on: 0300 330 1341 or you can use the NHS pre-payment website.

Delivery Service

We know how hard it can be to get into Wokingham to pick up your prescription. If you find it difficult to, why not use our friendly delivery service?

Our main delivery driver is Kevin Lunch. He has been delivering medicines around Wokingham for 10 years and is a well trusted member of the healthcare team.

The value of having a regular driver cannot be underestimated. By having someone with Mr Lunch’s experience we have already helped several of our patients. Being able to flag up any early worries that patients may have with their medications or suggest options of services that we offer such as receiving your medicines in a nomad if they are beginning to become confusing, is just one area that we help.

The consistency of having a regular friendly face is especially important to make sure you feel secure in opening your door.

Just sign up to the repeats service stating you would like delivery somewhere on the form and we will do the rest.
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